MedicalMDDS - Medical Device Data Connectivity

ServerNet is able to interface with laboratory machines, intravenous pumps, image acquisition machines, machines that read and measure patient vital signs. More generally, ServerNet is able to connect today to well over 90% of the medical machines used for intensive care in Europe and America.

Industrialthinking out of the box

ServerNet has specialized in extending the functions of supervisors and data acquisition called SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).
Integration between different PLC systems and different SCADA topologies, integrated with IIoT elements.


The Internet of Medical Things is about to transform the health sector and, if it reaches its maximum potential, will radically change every aspect of the life of all the doctors and patients involved.

What is ServerNet offering?

ServerNet offers direct connectivity with medical devices and industrial control machines (multi-parameter monitors, anesthesia machines, BIS, ventilators, thermometers, blood pressure,...) from various manufacturers such as GE, Siemens, Drager, Datex Ohmeda, Nihon Kohden, Mindray.
Moreover, ServerNet has specialized in extending the functions of the supervisors and the data acquisition called SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).

MDDS - Medical Device Data Connectivity
Industrial Data Integration
Data Acquisition for Artificial Intelligence
Data Acquisition for machine learning

Medical connectivity


Patient MonitorGE, Philips, Mindray, Drager, Spacelabs, Nihon Kohden, ...


AnesthesiaDrager, Mindray, GE, Datex Ohmeda, ...


VentilatorsBP, Drager, GE, Philips, Datex Ohmeda, Maquet, GEM, ...


BIS and other vital sign monitorsAspect, Nellcore, Medrad, Ikaria, ...


LabsABL, Onyx, Cobas, Massimo, JBA, Stat, ...


ECMOMaquet ...

  We are constantly researching and developing new drivers. In the case of installations on machines for which we have not yet developed the driver, this will be developed if the help of the hospital or institute makes the machine available in their laboratory for the time strictly necessary for development and testing. Normally, this could last from a few days to a few weeks. ServerNet normally does not charge for the development of drivers used by its customers in the ordinary way.

Industrial connectivity


Industrial plants...


Sewage treatment plants...


Construction site safety...






PLCSiemens, Schneider, OMRON, ...

  ServerNet is not a replacement for the PLC or the local controller, but is a modern IIoT system that allows the integration of different PLCs and SCADAs to be unified, integrated and presented to users on modern communication human interfaces (smartphones, heads on displays and pads).

Why should I use ServerNet services?

ServerNet will offer to your company its know-how at decidedly competitive and sustainable costs.
Using ServerNet services means, first of all, making use of the advantages deriving from an advanced use of IoT technologies, enhancing and making more efficient the existing practices, procedures and assets. Get your company in a position to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the new generation solutions, such as "machine learnig", in a vision geared towards the use of Artificial Intelligence.
ServerNet with its know-how is among the first companies able to connect to the machines and resources present in your company that, due to the effects of natural temporal growth, are notoriously uneven in the brands and communication protocols.
ServerNet can directly take data "at the source" and does so even when the network environment and the existing IT systems are complex and dated.
ServerNet knows how to put your data in protected sharing through interoperable access points, from where you can then retrieve the data already present, but also enter new, normalized, certain, complete, detailed, at the necessary frequency and in an integrated logic.

What does ServerNet do for me?

ServerNet has highly qualified personnel with experience gained in over 15 years of research and development in the field of connectivity and integration.
In a first phase, our Personnel, assisted by the staff within your company, will produce a functional analysis of the existing systems and processes.
Subsequently, we will proceed with the installation of the ServerNet IIoT or IoMT infrastructure, as a sum of our LS24 devices and the related drivers and software contained therein, to connect the company resources that are involved in the network.
Our Personnel, for a time dependent on the complexity of the network environment and information systems of your company, will focus on the configuration of the IoT ServerNet for the integration and normalization of data from the respective sources.
In the final phases, the front end will be configured according to the logic of the existing systems and processes.

Ho do i contact ServerNet?

Mail to contatto@servernet.it
or call +39 333 563 3824.

The importance of middleware for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, like any complex system, passes through three different stages: the before, the during, the after; that is, not having it, being in the learning phase, using it in its different levels of maturity.
However you look at it, these stages, including not having it, involve a basic need: have a structured data collection middleware so you can freely choose to use them all, use a subset, organized in time and frequencies of your choice.
When an Artificial Intelligence system works, it needs a unique and constant methodology in data acquisition trough the whole cycle of learning proccess: ServerNet middleware.

" Betraying this condition is like training someone in chess and then letting him play in a football league. "

Vedran Jukić, CTO ServerNet