Data integration in the Medical field

ServerNet offers direct connectivity with medical machines (multi-parameter monitors, anesthesia machines, BIS, ventilators, thermometers, blood pressure gauges) produced by various manufacturers, such as GE, Siemens, Drager, Datex Ohmeda, Nihon Kohden, Mindray.
ServerNet is able to interface with laboratory machines, intravenous pumps, image acquisition machines, machines which read and measure patient vital signs. More generally, ServerNet is able to connect to well over 90% of medical machines currently used in intensive care units in Europe and America.
Moreover, ServerNet can collect and integrate environmental and medical surveillance data especially concerning Operation Rooms and Intensive Care Units.
ServerNet offers a connectivity solution commonly classified as medical middleware. It is technologically placed between medical records or, more generally, information systems and the different existing medical machines and clinical resources, but it is already prepared and open to future machines and resources.
Medical machines produced by different manufacturers and at a different technological level often present proprietary protocols and a non-sufficient protection towards the net.
Collected data generally need some transformation and integration before being used from medical records and information systems.


ServerNet is able to collect all data at their source and with a high frequency, so that they can be use in an accurate and detailed way. Basically, ServerNet offers a remote, both in real and non-real time, complete and combined view of data coming from different medical resources and machines.
Being a modern system, designed to be used with mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets and so on, user interfaces are designed following distributed architecture criteria for an integrated and complete view, without the need to install additional software on such devices.

Moreover, it is able to extend the functionality of most of medical records currently in use, which are usually not structured to offer complete, detailed and high frequency data.




Solutions’ components


Thanks to its hardware devices, Medical Grade, IEC 60601-1 edition 3.1 certified, ServerNet can also be present at patient’s point of care, it uses four serial ports, two Ethernets, USB, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Access Point. Internal Bluetooth modules and other modules, able to connect to mobile phones networks, are optionally available.

ServerNet normally offers a “Control Center” portal for:

    • centralized management of installations, maintenance and secure access management;
    • continuous control of functional operability, report of biomedical, clinical and technical data.

The system includes standard interoperability points for the access to both distributed and centralized data, designed to be used by medical reports, guidance, machine learning, artificial intelligence and information systems in general.


Examples of applications on ServerNet IoMT

Data request directly from ServerNet IoMT devices (edge computing).

Normalized data exit directly from ServerNet IoMT, without going through the central filter.


More days data request directly from ServerNet IoMT devices (edge computing).

* Above shown screens are extracted from OneSource, MDDS application running on ServerNet IoMT in collaboration with OSSI Inc.