Medical Data-rich

ServerNet is able to interface with laboratory machines, intravenous pumps, image acquisition machines, machines which read and measure patient vital signs. More generally, ServerNet is able to connect to well over 90% of medical machines currently used in intensive care units in Europe and America..

Industrial Outside the box

 ServerNet has specialized in extending the functions of the supervisors and data acquisition systems called SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).
It deals with integration between different PLC systems and different types of SCADA, which can be integrated through IIoT elements.

IoT Very versatile (IoMT and IIoT)

Internet of Medical Things is about to transform healthcare and, when it reaches its maximum potential, will radically change even every aspect of life of all the physicians and patients involved. Similarly, Internet of Industrial Things will transform the field of industrial things.


What does ServerNet offer

ServerNet offers direct connectivity with medical machines and industrial control machines (multi-parameter monitors, anesthesia machines, BIS, ventilators, thermometers, blood pressure gauges) produced by various manufacturers, such as GE, Siemens, Drager, Datex Ohmeda, Nihon Kohden, Mindray.
In the industrial field it offers transverse and direct connectivity with industrial control machines such as PLCs (e.g. Siemens, Allen Bradley, Rockwell, Omron, Schneider), Operators’ PCs (e.g. Esa, ProFace) and SCADA (e.g. InTouch, Proficy iFix, Citect).

ServerNet can also collect and integrate environmental and industrial surveillance data concerning, for example, process and production areas.

Moreover, ServerNet has specialized in extending the functions of the supervisors and data acquisition systems called SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).

Medical Connectivity
Industrial Connectivity
Base for Artificial Intelligence
Base for "machine learning"

What do we connect in the Medical


Multi-parameter Monitors (GE, Philips, Mindray, Drager, Spacelabs, Nihon Kohden, ...)


Anesthesia Machines (Drager, Mindray, GE, Datex Ohmeda, ...)


Ventilators (BP, Drager, GE, Philips, Datex Ohmeda, Maquet, GEM, ...)


BIS and other monitors (Aspect, Nellcore, Medrad, Ikaria, ...)


Laboratory Machines (ABL, Onyx, Cobas, Massimo, JBA, Stat, ...)


ECMO (Maquet ...)

 We are constantly committed in researching and developing new drivers. In case of installations on machines for which the driver has not yet been developed, it will be developed with the help of the hospital or institute, if it makes the machine available in its laboratory for the time strictly necessary to development and test. The duration of this period could go from a few days to a few weeks. Normally ServerNet does not charge its customers for the development of the drivers they ordinarily use.

What do we connect in the Industrial


Industrial Plants (Production, Chemistry, Alarms, ...)


Water treatment plants (Purifiers, Aqueducts, Lifting, Alarms, ...)


Construction sites (Tunnel, Construction, Access control, Surveillance, ...)

Co-generation Energy (Thermal, Photovoltaics, BioGas, ...)


PLC (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Rockwell, Omron, Schneider, ...)


Operator Terminals  (Esa, ProFace, ...

SCADA systems (InTouch, Proficy iFix, Citect, ...

  ServerNet does not replace the PLC or the local controller, it is a modern IIoT system that allows different PLCs and SCADAs to be unified, integrated and presented to the user in a way more suitable to be used through modern communication systems.


Spend a few minutes to explore what ServerNet does so differently to be the best.


Why should I use ServerNet services?

ServerNet mette a disposizione della tua azienda il suo know-how a costi decisamente competitivi e sostenibili.
Inserire oggi i servizi
ServerNet nella tua azienda significa porla tra le prime ad avvalersi dei vantaggi derivanti da un utilizzo avanzato delle tecnologie IoT, potenziando e rendendo più efficiente l'esistente in azienda e mettendo la stessa nelle condizioni di usufruire delle opportunità offerte dai sistemi di nuova generazione, come ad esempio il "machine learning", in una visione orientata all'uso dell'Intelligenza Artificiale.
ServerNet con il suo know-how è tra le prime aziende in grado di connettersi alle macchine e risorse presenti nella tua azienda che, per gli effetti dovuti alla naturale crescita temporale, notoriamente risultano essere disomogenee nei marchi e nei protocolli di comunicazione.

ServerNet sa prelevare direttamente i dati "alla fonte" e lo fa anche quando l'ambiente di rete e i sistemi informativi esistenti risultano complessi.

ServerNet sa mettere i tuoi dati in condivisione protetta attraverso punti di accesso interoperabili, da cui poter poi prelevare i dati già presenti ma anche immetterne di nuovi; normalizzati, certi, completi, dettagliati, alla frequenza necessaria e in una logica integrata

ServerNet provides your company with its know-how at a very competitive and sustainable cost.
Including ServerNet services into your company now means placing it among the first to take advantage of the benefits of an advanced use of IoT technologies, enhancing and making more efficient what in your company already exists and putting it in the position to be able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by new-generation systems, such as "machine learning", in an Artificial Intelligence implementation oriented vision.

With its know-how, ServerNet is one of the first companies able to connect to your company's existing machines and resources which, due to the effects of a natural trough-time growth, are usually heterogeneous in brands and communication protocols.

ServerNet can collect data directly "at source" and does it even in case the existing network environment and information systems are complex.

ServerNet knows how to share your data securely through interoperable access points, from which you can then collect the existing data but also enter some new ones; normalized, certain, complete, detailed, at the necessary frequency and in an integrated logic.

What does ServerNet concretely do for me?

ServerNet dispone di Personale altamente qualificato con un'esperienza maturata in oltre 15 anni di attività di Ricerca e Sviluppo nel campo della connettività e dell'integrazione Medicale e Industriale.
In una prima fase il nostro Personale, coadiuvato dal Personale interno alla tua Azienda, produrrà un'analisi funzionale dei sistemi e processi in essere

Successivamente si procederà all'istallazione dell'infrastruttura ServerNet IIoT o IoMT, come somma dei nostri dispositivi LS24 e dei relativi driver e software in essi contenuti, per connettere in rete le risorse aziendali che si vogliono coinvolte.

Di seguito il nostro Personale, per un tempo dipendente dalla complessità dell'ambiente di rete e dei sistemi informativi della tua Azienda, si dedicherà alla configurazione della ServerNet IoT per l'integrazione e normalizzazione dei dati provenienti dalle rispettive fonti.

Nelle fasi finali si procederà alla configurazione dei front-end in accordo con le logiche dei sistemi e processi in essere


ServerNet has highly qualified Personnel with an experience gained in over 15 years of Research and Development in the field of Medical and Industrial connectivity and integration.
In a first phase, our Personnel, assisted by your Company's Staff, will produce a functional analysis of the existing systems and processes.

Then, we will proceed with the installation of ServerNet IIoT or IoMT infrastructure, as a sum of our LS24 devices and the related drivers and software, to connect all the company's resources involved into the network.


Afterwards, our Personnel, for a time depending on the complexity of the network environment and information systems of your Company, will focus on the configuration of the ServerNet IoT for the integration and normalization of data coming from their own sources.


In the final phases, the front-end will be configured according to the logic of the existing systems and processes.


How can I learn more?


Send an e-mail to contatto@servernet.it

or call us at +39 333 563 3824.

The importance of middleware for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, like any complex system, goes through three different stages: before, meanwhile, afterwards; in other words: having it not, being in the learning phase, using it at its different levels of maturity.
Each of these stages, involves a basic need: having a structured data collection middleware so that you can freely choose to use them all or to use a subset of them, but definitely have them organized or potentially organized in the most suitable resolution, times and frequencies.


For an Artificial Intelligence system to be working, a unique and constant data acquisition methodology is needed already in the learning phase, which is native in the middleware of ServerNet.


“Betraying this clarification, is like training someone playing chess to make him play in a football league.”

Vedran Jukic, CTO ServerNet